Survey Results

About the PainSTORY Survey

  • We recruited patients who were suffering from moderate to severe chronic pain, eg osteoarthritis, back pain/lower back pain, osteoporosis, neuropathic pain, mixed pain, or other long-term pain. For more information on types of pain, see the Patient Resources.
  • For 12 months, we followed the lives of participants, recording information about what types of pain people were feeling, who they had consulted for help and what treatments were offered.
  • Over the year, the participants recorded their pain journey experience. They made diary notes and illustrations that demonstrated not only their physical pain, but also their emotional pain. They described how chronic pain was impacting on their lives, affecting relationships with friends and family, their jobs and social lives.
  • The PainSTORY survey was conducted by an independent research company, Ipsos MORI, in collaboration with the following independent third parties:
    • European Federation of IASP Chapters.
    • World Institute of Pain.
    • OPEN Minds.
  • The survey was sponsored by a restricted educational grant from, and prepared in association with, Mundipharma International Limited.