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Pain – jabbing, throbbing, burning, stinging, tingling, nagging or aching, over with in seconds, minutes or hours, or lasting for days, months or years. We have all experienced different types of pain at different times and for different reasons.

On this site, you can learn about different aspects of pain in more detail, including the science behind pain, and how to control it.

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What is pain?

Pain means different things to different people and different things to the same person at ...

How do we feel pain?

Most of the pain that we experience is caused by actual or threatened damage to the tissues in ...

Assessment of pain

To decide what to do, your doctor needs to assess you. The assessment of your pain will vary ...

Different types of pain

Most of the pain that we feel is caused by actual or threatened damage to the tissues in our ...

Treatment options

There are many different treatment options for pain. You are likely to be prescribed ...

Living with pain

Whatever your diagnosis, whether you know the underlying cause of your pain or not, it’s ...


This is a list of some medical terms that you may come across on this site, in books or during ...

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